Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Man Behind the Fence

I'm not sure exactly how blogging works, and how to work with this site so if anyone out there ever reads this, bear with me as I learn the system. To start things off, I'm talking much more formally than I casually will in conversation, because my mind has become accustomed to writing only hefty english assignments in word documents so whenever I see anything with a similar format or template... BAM I try to sound much more sophisticated. I find it ironic that I have to do things such as that in order to accustom to what's considered proper in society. Okay I'm already starting to get to expressive, I'm going to try to relax and let everyone know a little about myself.

     Now I'm going to leave things simple, as far as my identification, for now. I live in the United States of America. I was born here and I've lived here all my life. At this very moment my girlfriend believes that I've had a blog for a while and I have 12,941 followers. I told her that, "it's a personal thing" and that "No one in the world knows." Well I've clearly put myself in a tight spot. I strive to be the most morally perfect and correct person that I can be. I often do fail, such as in this scenario, and as a perfectionist it's not taken lightly... wow there I go again. I'll be blabbering about my views on society, the world, and myself later but as for now I'm trying to stay on topic. The reason that I went into that explaination (I will spell words wrong pretty occasionaly). Wow this font makes me feel much more casual. I typed that sentence and tried out the different fonts hoping one would stick and exemplify express the tone that I'm trying to put my words in. Obviously it didn't go well but this works better than all the other choices. 

     Wow I've taken up about 21 minutes just writing this poor excuse for an introductory post. Well I need to at least say one thing before I go which is the reason why 21 minutes of my time is so valuable to me and why I almost regret making this blog. Time is of the essence, since I have a very rigorous schedule. Right now I should be working on a research paper for The Grapes of Wrath but instead I'm sitting here writing this crappy (took me a while to think of a word to describe this) post and wasting my energy. I always have thoughts in my head and am a constant thinker. That's why a lot of the time I have a hard time writing down or even expressing my thoughts through speech. I'm just so tangled up in my thoughts that any physical action I make that requires coordination and concentration interrupts my process. It's sort of like ADD. It's partially why I'm unable to work so efficiently, my thoughts often drift off  and I end up thinking about something completely unrelated. ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder. Tomorrow I have a shit load of stuff to do: Fix my math homework on inductive proofs which I still don't understand, Final Draft of my research paper, wrestle, powderpuff dress rehearsal, and get to sleep early. Wow okay I've written about 4 lines in the past 14 minutes it's time that I go. This was bad but I'm exhausted, stressed, and am going to change my life over spring break (Change my life... I've heard that one before... this time I mean it!... I've heard that one too... but do I really mean it this time?... I think so... I really hope so). I'm having a really hard time typing my thoughts so I think I'm going to be talking to myself and having a conversation wiht something on recording me and type little bits of it out after since it feels more natural for me. Hopefully I can get used to typing though because I'm going to need it for educational and expressive purposes (such as this).

    This was shit,
    The Man Behind the Fence